Player Eligibility:


Mens and Womans Social Division :  All players must be In Good Standing with their Approved Governing Body and USA Rugby to be eligible to participate in sanctioned Competitions. Each player must be:
a. registered in the current year’s CIPP, with all dues fully paid, prior to participating in any Competition or other rugby activity of a physical nature, in accordance with the Regulations contained herein; and
b. registered to a Club.

c. in compliance with the Event-Specific Regulations and procedures for each particular USA Rugby Event.


High School Boys: Players are eligible if they are currently enrolled in an accredited, public, private or state chartered high school or enrolled in a G.E.D. program actively pursuing a G.E.D. Certificate. Home schooled players are eligible to play so long as they are pursuing a high school diploma or equivalent and are not enrolled in a college. A player who has reached his or her 19th birthday prior to September 1 of the academic year is not eligible to play high school rugby


Tournament Structure

Men’s Social – TBD

Woman’s Social – TBD

High School Boys – TBD

•Team captains must check-in prior to the team’s 1st match. Check-in will begin at 6:00AM. Outstanding payments will be accepted at check-in.

•Roster limit is 15 players per team. Players may not cross teams (NO EXCEPTIONS). Once a player has played in a match for a team, he/she may not play for another team in the tournament.


Point System:

3 points for winning a match
2 points for drawing a match

*TIEBREAKERS in order of procedure
1 – Head-to-head
2 – Points For Differential
3 – Coin Flip

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