Delco 7s Tournament Details

• Each team will get three (3) matches.


Player Eligibility:


Mens and Womans Social Division :  All players must be In Good Standing with their Approved Governing Body and USA Rugby to be eligible to participate in sanctioned Competitions. Each player must be:
a. registered in the current year’s CIPP, with all dues fully paid, prior to participating in any Competition or other rugby activity of a physical nature, in accordance with the Regulations contained herein; and
b. registered to a Club.

c. in compliance with the Event-Specific Regulations and procedures for each particular USA Rugby Event.


High School Boys and Girls: Players are eligible if they are currently enrolled in an accredited, public, private or state chartered high school or enrolled in a G.E.D. program actively pursuing a G.E.D. Certificate. Home schooled players are eligible to play so long as they are pursuing a high school diploma or equivalent and are not enrolled in a college. A player who has reached his or her 19th birthday prior to September 1 of the academic year is not eligible to play high school rugby


Juniors: Players are eligible if they are currently enrolled in ninth grade or below and were fifteen (15) years of age and under as of September 1st prior to the start of the current season.


Tournament Structure

Men’s Social – TBD

Woman’s Social – TBD

High School Boys – TBD
High School Girls – TBD
Junior Boys – TBD


•Team captains must check-in prior to the team’s 1st match. Check-in will begin at 7:00AM. Outstanding payments will be accepted at check-in.

•Roster limit is 15 players per team. Players may not cross teams (NO EXCEPTIONS). Once a player has played in a match for a team, he/she may not play for another team in the tournament.


Point System:

3 points for winning a match
2 points for drawing a match

*TIEBREAKERS in order of procedure
1 – Head-to-head
2 – Points For Differential
3 – Coin Flip

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