Grade Groups

  • K to 1st
  • 2nd to 3rd
  • 4th to 5th
  • 6th and up

2 month program

Season starts in June and ends in mid July

Practices to be determined



Grades 5th - 7th

  • Co-Ed
  • 2012 RugbyPA State Finalist Runner-Up
  • 2013 RugbyPA State Champions
  • 2014 RugbyPA Semi-finalist
  • 2015 RugbyPA State Champions
  • Coach
    • Chris Connelly

Practice is Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Grades 8th & 9th

  • Co-Ed
  • 2016 RugbyPA State Finalist Runner -Up
  • 2017 RugbyPA State Champions
  • Head Coach
    • TBD

Practices Tuesday and Thursday 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm

Junior Picture
State Champ Pic

High School

Grades 10th thru 12th

  • 2011 EPRU Champions
  • 2016 RugbyPA State Finalist Runner-Up
  • 2017 RugbyPA State Champions
  • 2020 RugbyPA Fall Fest Champions
  • 2021 RugbyPA State Champions (D2)
  • Coaches
    • George Brown
    • Ray McFall
    • Mark Ernst

Practices Tuesday and Thursday 6pm to 7:30pm

 Executive Committee

The Media Youth Rugby Executive Committee is elected by the youth program membership, and serve a staggering two year term.

President:   George Brown

Secretary:  Open Seat

Treasurer:   Tom Harahan

Fundraising and Parent Engagement Chair:  Open Seat

Sponsorship Chair:   Open Seat

Director of Youth Rugby Development:   Rick VanLuvender    *position appointed by president

Immediate Past President:   Larry Elias


Media Rugby is only as strong as it volunteers!   If you are interested in serving on the youth program executive committee, please contact George Brown.   If you are interested in assisting a executive committee member, please contact the member.