Media Rugby is looking to create a High School girls and Woman’s rugby squad. 



Rugby is a mental and physical game. It’s tough, I’m not going to sugar coat it. You have to be prepared to put in hours of hard practices and training, ready to be tackled and to tackle, and always be supporting your players. You play in all conditions – rain, unbearable heat, even snow. You will feel sore and pain in places that you didn’t know existed. You will get cuts, cleat marks, and bruises. Ice baths become your best friend. You get injured and you keep playing until they forcibly remove you from the field. But all of that feeling is so satisfying. The sense of pride and community regardless of where you go, if you say that you play rugby you will instantly make friends. In another state, country, or continent, it doesn’t matter. You will bond over your experiences, tell stories about your best games, and compare positions and strategies. The community that is built over this game is one that you will always be a part of. Once a rugby player, always a rugby player.  If you fit this criteria and are tried of traveling hours just for practice when you live in sweet ole  Delco come out  and help develop Media’s first girl’s and woman’s rugby team.  We are looking to gather a list of prospective individuals in starting this movement.  Please click on our contact us link and leave a quick bio.



Thank you,

Media Rugby